OMG! Someone actually made a crispy rendang!

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! It actually exists! Check this out: It’s a Western fail, but someone has actually gone out of his way to make a real-life crispy rendang! Yenni Law, 43, runs a restaurant in Taman Tun Dr Ismail in Kuala Lumpur and has made this parody of a dish in honour of Materchef U.K.’s Gregg Wallace. […]

Bubble tea turned out to be Lizard tea in KL

A Malaysian netizen posted his scary encounter with a drink he ordered, on his Facebook. 2 days ago (10 February), he ordered a cup of large classic roasted milk tea with pearl from a Tealive outlet at Bukit Jalil. Halfway through his drink, there was a weird feeling in his mouth. There was something else in […]

Lesser places to eat Shark’s Fin soup from this year

shark's fin

89 Singaporean restaurants will take shark’s fin soup and other shark products off their menus from this year. They are heeding the WWF’s (World Wide Fund for Nature’s) call to action last year. The decision was announced yesterday and is the largest collective pledge by the local industry to date. Establishments can phase out shark’s […]

Supplement pills may not help you the way you think


Medical experts say that frequent supplement pills popping can have negative effects on our bodies. The side effects include kidney or liver problems, vomiting and diarrhoea. In fact, most healthy people don’t need supplements. Yet, Singaporeans are spending more on vitamins and health supplements. About $494 million was spent on health supplement products last year, […]

Your coffee might actually have cockroach in it…

Ok, prepare for it… The coffee that you drink at some F&B outlets might actually have cockroach in it. A news article in UK highlighted how a couple found their coffee machine infested with baby cockroaches. And it also happens in Singapore. But the potential cockroach infestation is limited to F&B establishments that use fully […]

Make sure you buy your Liang Teh from a licensed TCM shop

When you buy Liang Teh or tea-leaf egg from a Sinseh (Traditional Chinese Medicine) shop next time, make sure the shop is licensed to sell food and drinks hor! Yesterday (25 January), the National Environment Agency said that all traditional chinese medicine shops that prepare or sell food and drinks within their premises have to […]

Biggest Winter Melon in Singapore is heavier than your skinny lian

Winter Melon

A 32kg winter melon was harvested by a 73 year old retiree in a community garden at Bukit Batok. This surpasses the previous record of 25 kg which was harvested at the Community Gardens Edibles Competition. Mr Huang Guanghui told a Chinese newspaper that he grew up in a kampung, and always observed his father […]

Increase in prices of vegetables in Singapore and Malaysia, because of rainy season

rainy season

The past week has been cooling for most Singaporeans. Some businesses have also benefitted from the rainy season. But not every business is enjoying the cool weather brought about by the rain. The prolonged rain and overcast skies has affected the supply of vegetables in Singapore and Malaysia. Supply of the vegetables for one distributor […]

Wet weather causes Foodpanda service to “hibernate”

Foodpanda was down for a few hours yesterday (14 January), after there was surge in orders due to the rainy weather. Customers who wanted to place their orders on the Foodpanda app in the afternoon were informed that the app was “experiencing system issues at the moment”. Foodpanda’s managing director Luc Andreani said in an […]