5 things you didn’t know about migrant workers in Singapore

Migrant workers keeping fit at Westlite dormitory.

Since the start of Circuit Breaker, migrant workers in Singapore have been thrust into the spotlight in our fight against COVID-19. Yet in the past months, it’s heartening to see Singaporeans step up in their support towards migrant workers. During the crisis, we’ve witnessed how a young Singaporean built a translation portal overnight for medical […]

Circuit Breaker: The Struggles Of A Food Delivery Rider

Image Source: Jerry Toh via Facebook “Pls have some patience. Delivery guys are human too. They are not superman. “ The circuit breaker has unsurprisingly caused a spike in demand for food delivery services, with The Straits Times reporting a 20 to 30 per cent increase in demand. It’s no wonder that food delivery riders are […]

Top 10 Value For Money Cars In Singapore Below $20,000

Working around a budget constraint does not mean you have to give up owning a car as we bring you a list of affordable cars, under $20,000, available right in our marketplace. Let UCARS Find the right one for you! Introducing the top 10 value for money cars in Singapore under $20,000! To put things into […]

5 things you didn’t know about Simei that’s named after ancient Chinese beauties

Simei is a relatively small town with low housing estates. Buildings are typically no more than eleven storeys for safety concerns (presence of planes flying in and out of Changi Airport). What may be most impressionable about this district is Changi Business Park that is flourishing with banks and foreign talents. Hence, Changi Business Park […]

Preetipls gets tangled with police for controversial video


On 29 Jul, local YouTuber Preetipls, whose real name is Preeti Nair, released a controversial video mocking a recent advertisement on an e-payment app, E-Pay. The video had garnered 48,000 views and had been shared over 600 times but, it was taken taken down subsequently. The music video disses Chinese people, claiming that they take […]

Dengue cases on the rise – more mosquitos or mutating virus?


Dengue cases hit a record high last week, spiking to 666 cases in a week – the highest recorded instances in a week was 637 in Jan 2016. As of 15 Jul, there were 7,438 recorded cases of dengue in Singapore; about five times more than the 1,481 cases in the same period in 2018, […]

Robots will soon be deployed. Will cleaning uncles and aunties be out of job soon?


Six cleaning partners will deploy robots with ‘warm’ personalities by Mar 2020, LionsBot International said during the production launch of its robots in Singapore on 17 Jul. Companies who are keen to use the robots will soon be able to rent them from LionsBot, without having to invest in ownership and maintenance. Cleaning companies and […]