Don’t act blur when you see people with “May I have a seat please?” lanyard

May I have a seat please?

The “May I have a seat please?” lanyards were launched by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in 2019. The initiative sought to alert others on public transportation to give their seats up to those with less visible health conditions or disabilities.   The initiative initially started with stickers; in 2021, reusable lanyards were introduced. Commuters with […]

Get pampered while working remotely – I could get used to this

Get pampered while working remotely – this will surely improve my mental health

One salon in Orchard is so clever to seize the opportunity of hybrid work arrangements by targeting busy working professions.  This is where pleasure meets productivity.  Their service mainly fills the gap of busy working adults who hardly have time to carve out be it after office hours or during the weekends to get their […]

First Black Crow Attacks and now Black Smoke in Bishan

Black Smoke in Bishan

Just yesterday (22 February), Chen, a resident in the area heard loud noises that sounded like explosions around 11.10 am. He left his house to investigate. He told Lianhe Zhaobao, “The manhole cover didn’t fly out but black smoke kept coming out of the sewer.” Another resident, Douglas, who lives 50 metres away from the […]

Crow attacks in Bishan

Crow attacks in Bishan

Shin Min daily News reported on Tuesday (14 February) that about 10 people kenna attacked within 20 minutes long a pathway around Bishan Street 12 on Monday.   On Wednesday (15 February), four people were attacked within 90 minutes.   Residents are worried for the elderly and young children who may have difficulty in running away […]

The Watchers at Lorong Chuan Private Estate

The Watchers at Lorong Chuan Private Estate

When a driver walked over to her parked car along Chuan Walk on 1 February, she found a rude note on her vehicle. The note reads, “You Don’t Belong this neighborhood. Please remove your car.” The driver’s husband called the person who left the note “self-entitled” for implying that non-residents could not park along that […]

15-Year-Old girl missing for a week

Block 162 at Yishun Street 11

Youths are vulnerable to those with malicious intent. Parents of the missing 15-year-old girl fear the worst for their child. She was last seen on 30 January near Block 162 at Yishun Street 11. The Singapore Police Force (SPF) has identified the missing girl as Aw Yu En. The police are appealing to members of […]

How to increase your chance in balloting for BTO

How to increase your chance in balloting for BTO

Balloting for BTO can feel like buying a lottery ticket. You heng, you get, if not have to keep trying again. BTO flats are high in demand, so they are usually oversubscribed which is why many families don’t get their BTO queue number on their first try. New launch this February HDB has announced there […]