Kakak Says: Luckily GST go up only 2%

So many of us have been wondering the last few weeks if the government, for real, want to make GST go higher? It’s confirm plus chop! GST will increase… but only from 2023! The GST will go up from 7 %t to 9% in two phases- first on Jan 1, 2023, from 7% to 8%, […]

34 people who gathered to drink and sing charged with breaching COVID-19 rules

covid-19 breach rules charged

34 people, consisting of 24 men and 10 women aged between 20 and 50, will be charged in court on Tuesday (22 February) for allegedly breaching the COVID-19 rules, reported Zaobao. The offences were reportedly committed between October 2020 and September 2021. Among them is a 31-year-old man who will also be charged with offences […]

10 Things (Other than GST!) you need to know about Budget 2022  

Budget 2022

TL;DR – Tia gong Minister Tan See Leng excited about the support for workers and employers until heart rate increase sia! In case you never catch the long, long Budget 2022 speech delivered by our new yandao Finance Minister Lawrence Wong today, here are 10 key things that YOU need to know! I give summary […]

Malaysian chio bu influencer regrets spending RM1,000 on fine dining, says 3 hours is too long

Malaysia influencer

Malaysian influencer Qiu Wen (秋雯)’s recent post on social media has sparked some heated discussion among netizens recently. On 15th February, just a day after Valentine’s Day, the 26-year-old influencer took to her social media platform, XiaoHongShu / 小红书 in Chinese (literal meaning Little Red Book), to share her thoughts and her fine dining experience […]

64-year-old hunchbacked uncle spends an hour delivering food to earn a living

hunchbacked uncle

A 64-year-old hunchbacked uncle who worked as a GrabFood delivery man has garnered wide attention from netizens. According to Zaobao, the uncle used to work as a cleaner, but he became a food delivery man a few months ago. The elderly have opted to deliver food on foot or by using public transport as he […]

5 Things Kakak Want to Tell You about the (Upcoming) GST Hike

Hello my adik-adik and friends. Lately I feeling so stress you know? Because when I go market now, I always end up spending a lot. In the past, I can buy so many things with $50… veggies, chicken. fish and a bit of beef and mutton. Prawn, crab and sotong I do alternate weeks lah. […]