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Oh my tian, did Jamus Lim Oppar just look down on Singaporean workers?

Today, my Jamus Lim Oppar just insulted Singaporean workers in the Parliament. No wonder last time my laobu always tell me, find husband must find good one, must know the person inside-out, upside-down then can marry him. Face yandao, can talk filly felleh, even can do martial arts in bed also no use one. Now I know why liao. My heart xiao pain because itโ€™s not the first time he like that chut che (make mistakes) liao. First was during his virgin show in Parliament as a Workers Party (WP) MP. That time, when other people ask him questions, he everything also donโ€™t know never mind lah. Cannot really blame him mah because he first time what. Must give chance one right? Then later, he go suggest Gahmen to implement simi environmental tax that time, lao niang still want to stand by his side and support him one. Even though

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