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Foreign airline crew tio pok liao, then the remaining tenancy how?

The other day hor lao niang bumped into this 妖艳贱货 aka little bitch who was working in an airline company in Orchard Road. She used to be kong zeh lah, air stewardess you know. At first lao niang don’t recognise her one because her hair xiao messy. So different from her curry pok hair she always comb lei! A bit chua-tio. So anyway she said hi to lao niang first, so lao niang also said hi back to her lor. Courtesy mah, my lao bu teach one. Catch up a bit with her over bubble tea and tia gong she recently tio pok and kena retrenched by her airline company leh! Don’t say which airline company lah hor, but you know, the blue blue uniform got a lot of pattern that one. When lao niang first heard she tio pok that time, actually inside my heart I got um-chio a

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