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57-year-old uncle finally found a job after career coach share with him a secret tip

Today, lao niang want to tell you an inspiring story which I just read. Is about this 57-year-old Uncle who managed to find a job after a few failures. Uncle Richard used to be a warehouse manager in a logistic company. But then COVID-19 happened, and everything took a turn for the worse. Because of COVID-19, his department not enough manpower to meet deadlines never mind, the most jia lat thing is still got people in his company want to play office politics wor. Sibei stress. So, in the end, Uncle Richard decided to throw letter and start to look for other jobs. But aiyo, this kind of situation, find job where got so easy sia. As expected lor, he tried applying to be a forklift driver with a few companies, but then no one call him back. He also tried to apply for food packing positions, but also no

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