Our Beng Steady – Part 2

Chan Chun Sing: Singapore has planned for scenario of disruption of food supplies from Malaysia.

This means hor… Singapore long, long ago already planned for disruption of food supplies, please. Chill a bit, and stay calm!

Why sudden panic buy again?

On Monday, Mar 16, Malaysian PM Muhyiddin announced a nationwide lockdown that will happen on Mar 18. Lockdown sia… This will stop tourists and foreign visitors coming into Malaysia. Mean what? You cannot suka suka go Johor shopping, massage, pump petrol lah. Malaysians also cannot travel liao.

On Mar 17 morning, Chan Chun Sing tell media say our  Singapore stockpiles already have between two and three months’ worth of carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables…

People really hor, die also must make him say the numbers. You know this will affect our negotiation with suppliers?? Later prices increase his fault again. You play poker also don’t show all your cards, right? So now, our stockpile and local production can buy us some time to bring in supplies from somewhere else. This one is if all the kiasu people don’t buy trucks and trucks of toilet paper, Maggie noodle, rice and spoil market!

cooked noodles
“For noodles, we also have domestic production capabilities,” Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing.

For things like rice and noodles, we got over three months’ worth at the national level. Singapore can produce noodles if you don’t know! Not I say, is Chan Chun Sing says.

Singapore also have over two months’ worth of stockpile for proteins and vegetables. Singapore got produce eggs, and if Malaysian supplies disrupted, gahmen already activated airfreight options to bring in supplies from somewhere else.

I mean Singaporeans got to adjust our choices, but supplies sure can tahan a while as long as everyone responsible a bit. If you got extra, at least share with your collicks, neighbours, aunties, uncles if they need OK?

Really ah, if I am Chan Chun Sing, I will super sian. Tell you how many times food supply is stable, can dong, must repeat until the cows come home…

Editor’s note: This beng really steady. Can support a bit.



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