Former and current SMRT employees “pakat” to cheat SMRT Trains of S$9.8 million

SMRT is back in the news again. The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) revealed that three current and former employees with SMRT trains have been charged with cheating offences. Three of them conspired with each other to cheat SMRT trains to award contracts worth $9.8 million to two companies which they had an interest in. The […]

Cruise experience turned bad: Bedbugs found in two rooms on Costa Cruise

A reader published his unpleasant experience on Facebook after bedbugs were found in his room and his uncle’s room on Costa Cruise. Here’s his full account:  **Please do not ever take Costa Victoria Ship, Italian Cruises.** My purpose for this post is not to complain, but more of making sure that the public do not get […]

NTUC FairPrice extends Pioneer Generation discount for another year

NTUC Fairprice

Supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice will extend its 3% discount for members of the Pioneer Generation for another year. This will be the 3rd time it is doing so. This means that Pioneer Generation members can have 3% discount off their purchases at all FairPrice supermarket and hypermarket outlets till 31 Deceber 2018. Earlier in 2017, […]

Shuttle bus service for tourists and travellers at Changi Airport

There will be changes to train services on the eastern sector of the East-West Line on weekends in January 2018 as they will observe shorter operating hours. As a result, tourists and travellers at Changi Airport can take a shuttle bus service at Gate 8 of Terminal 3. There will be two full-day closures of […]

Taiwanese bikini girls in game machines draw interests and backlash

Monmonda is Taiwan’s largest crane game facility in Tainan. It opened on 5 December by putting women in bikini into 4 game machines and filling it with soft toys and other prizes. The issue has raised some eyebrows in Taiwan. In a live video which was posted on its Facebook page, the women posed provocatively […]